Film Crew

Executive Producer
Brent Reynolds
Lurenda Turner

Peter Turner

Director of Photography
Marco A. Almirall

Associate Producer
Stan Adkins

Sound Recording
Chris Lopez

2nd Unit Director
Ashlee Trujillo

2nd Camera Operator
Peter Turner

2nd Unit Producer
Miguel Mendoza

Additional Sound Recording
Danny Rodriguez

Location Production Coordinator
Stephanie Appert

Production Coordinator

Leona Baker

Edwina Prime

Daisy Fuller

Twiman Bentley

Location Production Coordinator
Shorten Randolph

Craft Services

Nanette Trujillo

Justin Rivera


Community Cast


Leigh Cooper-Peabody


Thelma A. Gibson


Dorothy M. Wallace


Loretta S. Whittle 


Voice of Daisy Fuller


St. Mary's Missionary
Baptist Church

Rev. Dr. Zachary W. Royal- Pastor

John H. Hatcher- Deacon



Christ Episcopal Church

Paul Brown- Verger


 Community Participants

Kenneth Dixon

Kehi Brown



 Kids on Playground

Charles Turner

James Turner

Chelsey Harrell

Keauria Gary

Gabriel Suriavo

Jack Brown

James Storr

Khristian Jefferson

Sirdarrell A. Bolton



LT Creative Inc.



Marco A. Almirall


Graphics & Archival Research

Miguel Mendoza


Original Music

Danny Fernandez &
The Halfways - Austin, Texas


St. Mary's Missionary
Baptist Church Musicians

Dwight Dawson- Singer

Minister Alphonso Bryant- Organ

Tyrone Borden, Jr.- Drums


St. Louis Blues Performed by

Adam Lozoya


 Additional Music Tracks


Internet Archive (at

in association with Prelinger Archives



Archival Images Donation

City of Coral Gables Historical Resources &
Cultural Arts Department

Barbara & Jerry Green

Leona Cooper-Baker

Edwina Prime


 Additional Archival Images

University of Miami
Photographs by Michael Carlebach

The Black Archives


Special Thanks

Residents of McFarlane Homestead

Residents of Golden Gate

City of Coral Gables

Alejandro Demetrius

Alondra Milanes